About Newsdesk

I started my career as a cadet with News Limited in the early 1990’s, learning not just to 'get the shot' but other skills like manual pull-focus and darkroom techniques. In the mid '90s I moved into the world of PR. A lot has changed since then, I’ve seen camera technology move from analogue to digital and the creative opportunities that transition created.

 Darkroom techniques have been replaced with multi-image compositions and now cameras have even taken flight!

 In part, the need to evolve is what lead to Newsdesk's creation and changes in technology and fashion means it continues to evolve.  

 Yet through it all one thing has remained constant for me as a commercial photographer - providing my clients with a visual appealing representation of their product.

 My job, as it has always been, is to make my clients look good.

 Whether it's working on location or in the studio. On the ground or in the air. Still or video. Newsdesk will make you look good too.

 I’ve been lucky enough to travel around the world creating beautiful images for some of the world’s most recognisable brands, creating images for newspapers, magazines, brochures and ad campaigns. 

 I’m most recognised for my car photography and have worked for over 20 different marques during my career however my experience extends beyond objects with wheels. 

 I’ve photographed architecture, manufacturing, mining, people, places and products of all kinds. I’ve used equipment ranging from 5x4 rail cameras to a digital camera that hangs from the gimbal of a drone.

 It’s fair to say there are few photographers with the range of experience, technical knowledge, subject matter and output requirements as I have - skills my clients benefit from.

 The secret of my long and diverse career is simple.  I can confidently say I give my clients the imagery they need at realistic prices. All of my clients are repeats customers, most for over a decade. They use Newsdesk because they rather "peace of mind", over "cheap as chips" . 


When you’re ready to show the world how great your brand is,
give me a call and let’s get inspired together.